Juno – Possibly the most famous and successful MG RS34.
Michael Peacock’s Juno which was campaigned with the sort of dedication more normally reserved for the grand prix arena.
Then as now it is hard with a production boat to get on level terms with a grand prix one-off, but Mike Peacock certainly came close.
In Cowes Week in 1984, Juno returned two firsts, one second and one third.

Received the following info;
Juno was owned by my father in Howth Yacht Club in the early to mid 1990’s, it had been in Dun Laoghaire for a couple of years before that with Auther Finnegan. We did a number of Cork Weeks and I took it with a group of friends for the 1994 Round Ireland where we reitired off Donegal. The boat reach speed of almost 18kts going up the atlantic coast and just before we retired we were 3rd overall, a blast of a race which is documented in a book by Fred Drew. Did all the Dublin bay regattas and club racing and had a lot of fun with her. It was sold to Belfast and then to Arklow where it remains on the hard today (I believe). Cheers Simon Knowles