Rebel – GBR4052


The hull was moulded in 1985 and commissioned in 1986 as “Schuss” and was raced in Plymouth.
Circa 1989 Schuss was sold to a company in the Solent and renamed “Design Star” but chartered racing yachts have a very hard time in the Solent.
I purchased a clapped out racing yacht in 1993 and after six long weekends of hard work fixing almost everything, she was sailed back to Plymouth and her mooring at Weir-Quay Boatyard.
We have competed in 4 Fastnet Races and acheived creditable finishes.
We use Rebel for family cruising and racing in offshore events…… round the cans stuff……..We did plenty of that racing Merlin-Rockets for many years (still a great dinghy to sail) In fact sailing Rebel is just like sailing a Flippin’ Big Merlin-Rocket ……….with running back stays !!
Nigel Astbury-Rollason