Xepha – GBR4566

Is sailing on the Medway and the East Coast, we race with the Medway fleets most Sundays geting to finish up the order slightly more as the years go by…

Just had a Survey suggests she’s in good order, if in need of a little TLC which I suppose is right, she’s untidy below, this winter I’ve been sorting the electrics, nearly finished, rewired the mast lights Tri, Anchor, Steaming and Luff changing to LEDs, and new wire that is not corroded, The head lining is still down in most of the saloon with temporary LEDs and wires providing trails for workability.

Got a few jobs to do this summer; will probably take her out of the water for a couple weeks before the Medway Regatta. Fixing happens on Saturday racing on Sunday means there’s not too many tasks can be done during the season but I try.

Nearly finished… well nearly,

Found as soon as I’d finished up the top of the mast, the Stowe wind has gone terminally wrong so has to be replaced.

So now going to get a Raymarine system that will talk to the other parts…

Simon O